Unconditional Love & Forgiveness

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Peace, Unconditional Love,  Unconditional Forgiveness, and Unity (PULUFU).    Self-Discovery, Self-Acceptance, Self-Validation, Self-Love and Enlightenment of the "New People and Get It" generation promoting and living the business of Love.  Celebrate the evolution of our species, the Earth, the Universe and all creation in this new Age of Aquarius, born of Harmony and Balance, during this time of shift where no one is left behind. 

We respect, support and embrace the common ground teachings and scriptures of all religions and belief systems, which speak to the Breath, Light, and energy of the Spirit of God, Divine Mother, Jesus, Buddha, or however you address the Source of all Creation that resides within us and in all that is.  

We respect your right of free will to shed those things that do not serve you, or the collective good, and ask you to find your true self, belief system or religion that best serves you.  

It is our opinion that Self-Discovery is a way to supplement your existing faith or provide you with a pure and simple way to connect with the Universal Light, the Universal Water, Universal Fire, and Breath of Life within you. 

We embrace the pure and simple message of living, which is to love our neighbors as we love ourselves;  do not to judge others, unless you wish to be judged, too; respect others as you have not walked in that person's shoes.

It is our opinion that once we know, accept, love, forgive and understand self,  it will be much easier to understand, accept, tolerate and connect with all Humanity, the crystalline Light grid of Mother Earth, the Matrix of the Heavens and to our Universal Family of love, spirit, energy, breath and light as we serve the Creator or Source of all life. 

Our message is one of global Peace, Unconditional Love, Unconditional Forgiveness, Unity, ('PULUFU') as we learn to embrace change and transformation and work for the collective good of all creation.  Become one with who you are as you remember to love, validate, accept and forgive self unconditionally as you learn to accept, tolerate, forgive and love all creation in an environment without judgment.

The Time Is Now to bring balance and harmony into your chaotic and confused life of fear, doubt and paranoia, as you change your perception and angle of vision to one of courage, clarity and confidence that you can coexist with all our brothers and sisters, regardless of race, color, creed, sex, sexuality, age, religion or belief system an d manifest all that you need. 

Freedom in Light is not a religion, or movement, but a "wave" or way to spread the breath of "Light" that resides within all of us, for the greater good of Self and Humanity.  

We believe in and call to all people, of the seven continents, to reflect their Universal Light as we cross the Rainbow Bridge together to secure a lasting global Peace rooted with Unconditional Love, Unconditional Forgiveness and Unity  ("PULUFU") for all humanity as we live, Breathe and Be,"Heaven on Earth."  

In Lak'ech Ala K'in,