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Please keep blogs and comments appropriate to topic and refrain from comments that reflect violence as we are about peaceful change and transformation.

Thank you and peace be with you all.

Billy "Megeso" Denis          


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32 years old
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I am RevMaster BeBop Robicheaux, a babyboomer Indigo child with a gift of divination. I walk a SHmanic path and live in New Orleans a place that I love. My wok as a Wellness Practitioner affords me the opportunity to use my gift to grow & help others in their self-discovery endeavors. I look forward to the mutual sharing of energy with this community as we seek harmony of mind & nature

About Me

I am....learning a new way of life

About Me

1st cousin

About Me

Born in Bisbee Az...you Friend...met you at Safeway...1-8-12...

Avenging Angel
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About Me

Medelinaskwe of Northern Algonquin lineage. Teacher and life student of natural modalities,including Chakra Balancing, Color and Sound Therapy; Healing Touch, EFT, Yoga and Tai Chi; certified and licensed as a Reiki Master Teacher; LNA and CNA; Massage and Re-Hab Therapist among others. Studied at Esalen, Darthmouth, MTI,and  in Texas, California, New England and Canada.  Walked and Studied under Native Elders such as Twylih Nitsch, Sun Bear, Alberto Viloldo, and Chetsang Rinpoche. An Ordained Minister in the Progressive Unification Church.

Billy "Megeso" Denis
Site Owner
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Megeso is an Abenaki Indian name meaning Eagle. Kou means Light. I am named so by Anikwses (chipmunk).  I was born and raised in "Free Will." I trust in the ways of the ancients and the Spirit Light that grows within us all. Alll religions speak of a light within us in one manner or another. This is a starting point to global change. for the greater good as is outlined in the "Freedom in Light" wave that is looking to link all organizations in light for a national and global gathering and festival of song, music and dance with a message of change and transformation leading to the festival of the "Great Embrace."  Follow us as we gave you daily life lesson readings.  We also add social issues of opinion for discussion as we expose the grand manipulation of you and us by friends, peers, society, religion and family.  We speak always to the greater good of humanity and believe in PULUFU or Peace, Unconditional Love, Unconditional Forgiveness and Unity.

68 years old
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Joining all to live in harmony and joy.

judy Blevins
65 years old
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