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                     DNA - Junk or Useful?

Quantum theory strongly hints at the possibility that what we take for our reality is actually composed of a reality that is totally vibrational in nature; simply an illusion which makes our lives seem logical in every way.

Recent signals from the galactic center appears to be a cosmic vibrational code, sent from the Creator to change our very human nature by reconfiguring the structure of our DNA transmitted to us to increase our understanding of the universal family we were and are a part of.  During this time of the great 'Rift" or 'Shift' we are on a spiritual that is about Ascension or the completion of an evolutionary cycle with a cyclic return to the beginning just as the Mayan Calendar seems to foretell.

Our subconscious comprises 90% of our “overall consciousness,” and it is therefore vastly important and useful in our day to day living. It is also conceivable that 90% of our DNA which is labeled as “junk” is unique, important and useful.  Therefore, 90% of our DNA may actually interface with the fifth and higher dimensions that we are still learning to control and understand.

It is this 'junk DNA' that may very well be our super consciousness and the key to our true selfThis leads one to ponder or accept that the 144,000 referred to in Revelations may truly be our DNA.