Unconditional Love & Forgiveness

Global Peace, Change, Transformation, Self-Discovery, Tolerance, acceptance, non-judgement, Earth Families, Great Embrace, Erica Therrien, Billy Denis, Twin Flames, Get It Generation & New People, Universal Light.

Gridlock America - Illusion, Dream or Reality?

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Social, economical & political opinion on a variety of topics for a better world from:

the Grand Manipulation of Humanity

  • Home-schooling and charter schools - new curriculum
  • Empowering children
  • Goddess within and the myth behind the Jezebel spirit
  • Self-Discovery, Self Love, acceptance, validation, etc...
  • Free Education in America
  • Eliminating Poverty and Homelessness in America
  • Jobs in America 
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Holistic and Alternative Health Care
  • Life is a Celebration
  • Twin Flame Love
  • DNA Reconfiguration
  • Experimentation & legalization of natural herbs
  • Winter Solstice and a new and better world
  • Psychological abuse in the work place
  • Child abuse
  • Incest
  • First and Third Amendment
  • Mind Control.........and more