Unconditional Love & Forgiveness

Global Peace, Change, Transformation, Self-Discovery, Tolerance, acceptance, non-judgement, Earth Families, Great Embrace, Erica Therrien, Billy Denis, Twin Flames, Get It Generation & New People, Universal Light.

                      Freedom in Light - Logo

The symbol or logo for “Freedom in Light” is:


The description and meaning of the sign can best be described as interconnecting infinity symbols (most powerful - 11th dimension sign) with four hands meeting, from each of the four directions, and touching with extended pointer fingers meeting at the center. Within each infinity loop are symbols:

 · DNA


· Heart


· Peace Sign


· Tree of Breath, Light & Love

The infinity loops are enclosed within a circle.

The tree of “Breath, Love & Light” has roots and threads of Breath and Light on each end; one set of roots or threads of Light that connect to our inner Self (God or Breath & Light within); the other set of roots, or threads of light, connect us with the Light or Goddess without to Humanity and to the crystalline Light grid  of our earth Mother; thus we connect without and within, together as One, with the Source. The  touching of the pointer fingers from the four directions, at the center, act as a catalyst that connect with the threads from the roots of the "Tree of Breath & Light from within and to the connection of earth's Light grid from the threads of the Tree of Breath & Light without. This in turn, opens up the world’s heart to an understanding the word of this New Age of Aquarius, which is "PULUFU," which translates to Peace, Unconditional Love, Unconditional Forgiveness and Unity amongst all creation on Earth and in the Universe (as above, so below) that will produce a Tsunami Wave of truth and love as "The truth shall set you free, and love conquers all" in our pursuit of everlasting life, love and harmony that initiates DNA reconfiguration.

DNA reconfiguration that brings us to at least 5th dimensional beings or Christ Consciousness and 12 strand DNA.  As we complete our metamorphosis in this face and form we now see things from a clearer perception, as our brains merge as one, which embraces the truth and an abundance for all. 

This activates global peace in the final loop that brings us full circle back to the Tree of Breath, Light & Love without to the Crystalline Light Grid of Mother Earth.