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                          Pacal Votan

                      Clear Sign Days

There are at least thirteen specific dates/energies which were carved into the ancient tomb of prophet Pacal Votan, the Chief Time Engineer of the Classic Mayan era – Sage-King of the Yucatec base: Nah Chan, House of the Serpent (Palenque) . These dates reported auspicious occurrences during his lifetime, 603-683 AD, as well as auspicious occurrences to unfold in our current day.  We are reminded that 13:20 radial time unites past, present and future.  Each of the 260 kin serves as memory storage units granting us the ability to access or seed information. When the daily calendar lines up with one of these thirteen codes, tune into the special magic of these signs and see what you can decode of their relevance, whether personal or planetary.

The Clear Signs are on the four side edges of the sarcophagus lid of the tomb of Pacal Votan, deep in the Temple of Inscriptions at Palenque (Chiapas, South Mexico). They are prophetic references on the tomb stone of Maya king and Galactic Agent Pacal Votan (603 – 683 AC).  The clear signs are prophecy codes, kind of enigmatic references from time past relating to time future (time now).  The clear signs are keys that once understood, unlock portals of understanding!  These are the clear sign dates:

                         Pacal Votan - Clear Signs                                   July 26, 2013 - July 25, 2014

        August 7 2013 - Yellow Resonant Warrior - Portal Day

September 11, 2013 - Blue Electric Monkey -Portal Day    

    October 15, 2013 - Red Spectral Serpent

 November 19, 2013 - Yellow Resonant Sun - Portal Day

 November 25, 2013 - White Cosmic WorldBridger

 November 29, 2013 - White Self-Existing Dog

   December 9, 2013 - Yellow Self-Existing Sun

  December 26, 2013 - Red Overtone Earth

  December 27, 2013 - White Rhythmic Mirror

  December 29, 2013 - Yellow Galactic Sun

     January 25, 2014 - Blue Solar Hand

  February 13, 2014 - White Lunar WorldBridger - Portal Day

       March 11, 2014 - Yellow Lunar Human 

         April 24, 2014 - Yellow Resonant Warrior  -  Portal Day

          May 29, 2014 - Blue Electric Monkey -    Portal Day

         July 2, 2014 - Red Spectral Serpent