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                         Portal Day Affirmation

I am a Galactic Activation Portal – Enter Me!  

(*Vibrational Tone ______ from galactic signature)

                    Portal Activation & Locations

Portals typically are sited near water, although they don't have to be.  In the home the portal usually is close to the bathroom. Outside they can be found at vortexes or sacred sites.  When looking for your portal, pay close attention to the temperature and electrostatic sensations.  The portal will have a different temperature, usually cooler, than the rest of the room, and when you find it you should have a tingling sensation when you stand in it.  Often, the sensation feels like "goose bumps," but without the bumps, and with body hair standing up as with static electricity. Stand in the portal and allow yourself to relax completely.  You may feel the sensation of anti-gravity, which may cause your arms to float up over your head, where they feel the most comfortable.  Before portal activation, stand or sit outside it and look inside for any unusual activity, such as speeding specks of dust, black lightning, heavy air, shadows, etc..  Gossamer clouds are easy to see inside the portal.  The portal is a naturally occurring structure or "house" which you will enlarge and enter. To enlarge and empower your portal, encircle it with quartz rocks and crystals.  Quartz is transparent to ultraviolet rays and possesses an unusual property known as the piezoelectric effect, which means that an electric charge can be induced in the crystal when pressure is applied to it in certain directions.  When the voltage generated by the portal is conducted by the quartz, and when the quartz is manipulated by the portal beings, the powers of the portal, the quartz, the beings and the participants are enhanced.  Electrically vibrating quartz is used by the portal-beings as a means of measuring and controlling their frequency of vibration, in terms of Hertz or cycles per second.  By using the quartz this way, the portal-beings become visible.