Unconditional Love & Forgiveness

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                  Reiki Grand Master

             Teacher and Practitioner

1974 - Reiki I and Reiki II - Received the necessary attunements and knowledge as a Reiki practitioner and teacher of the Usui Ryoho system of Reiki.

1977 - Follow Up Attunements and advanced training in the knowledge and use of sacred healing symbols as a Master Practitioner and teacher of Usui Shiki Ryoho.

1979 - Received advanced training, knowledge, attunements, symbols and certifications as a Master III and IV level Reiki practitioner and teacher. 

1981-86 - Received advanced training, knowledge, attunements, symbols and certifications as a practitioner and teacher as a  progression towards Grand Master level attunement in 1987.  

1987 - Grand Master attunement, knowledge, training, symbols and wisdom, at the time of the Harmonic Convergence, from Grand Masters in Denver, CO & in London, England.

2004 - Received advanced training, knowledge, attunements, symbols and certifications as a Grand Master practitioner and teacher of Reiki. 

I continue to integrate new tools and modalities in each new moment of human development and evolution of consciousness so as to be one with self, humanity and the universe.   

I received additional follow up attunements, as needed, from Reiki Masters in Arizona, New Hampshire and London, England.

In 2005, I returned to my shamanic practices and studies of the indigenous people and their methods of healing, connection, ceremonies and rituals.  Since that time I have visited with many of my brothers and sisters of all cultures and backgrounds to learn the ways of the Earth, Humanity and the Universal and the self-sustainable resources and tools available to us.  The past five to six years, I have been studying with Anikwses (Chipmunk), a descendant of the Abenaki Tribe.  During my spiritual metamorphosis and shedding, I have evolved from Saguasis (Weasel) who learned his teachings, lessons, wisdom and knowledge from the ability to hide and play in plain sight, while absorbing the gifts, wisdom, tools, symbols and training of my ancestors.  Once I grew to the understanding of my land animal, I then evolved into an eagle and was given the name of Megeso (Eagle).  From this higher level of evolution in consciousness, a new vision and knowledge brought with it  new abilities, knowledge, symbols, signs and wisdom to be used in healing creation.

2012 - A new wave of understanding came to me when I wrote about the Grand Manipulation of Humanity, Grand Manipulation of Love and Gridlock America.  It indicates how these practices and limited belief systems handed down to us, which has brought with it many negative health issues that are easily cured.  This form of healing involving alternative and holistic care, the performing arts, universal science, sacred geometry, color, symbols and other tools that are needed to become one with our true self.  Many new formulas, signs, codes, keys and wisdom is being brought to each of us during this time of the shift and the evolution of our species and the universe. Learn to open your own portals and live in Now.  

 I am also schooled and certified in other holistic and alternative modalities such as reflexology, massage, color, sound and other natural and shamanic services.