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             Solar Glyphs & Meanings

Your Mayan birth glyph or sign is similar to western zodiac symbols.  People born under certain birth glyphs possess different personality traits.  As you begin working with the Mayan calendar and familiarizing yourself with the solar glyphs, you may notice that you are attracted to certain glyphs, some even more than your birthday glyph.  This is normal, and it will change as time goes by because your spiritual and emotional needs are rapidly evolving.  The glyphs you are most attracted to will be the ones that are most beneficial at that moment, so trust your intuition and meditate with the ones that appeal to you.  There are a total of 20 birth glyphs in the Mayan system.

                20 Solar Glyphs & Meanings

The following information on the solar glyphs is provided as a simple guide to get you started. Meditate with the one that feels most appropriate at any given time.

1. IMIX, or the Red Dragon, is the first of the Mayan day signs.  It can sometimes manifest as a personality that likes to begin new projects.  Intensely creative, IMIX natives have a way of tapping into the collective consciousness, but unfortunately following through on those projects is not a strong point.  In light of this, many of the things that IMIX starts may be left unfinished.  Meditating with this glyph can help restore health lost through self-hatred. You see that there is both a Father and Mother aspect to God.  IMIX is God as Mother, the one who nurtures and who creates form. You will feel a cosmic closeness to the feminine aspect of God.  You are interested in what that means and explore the possibilities of being a gentle and nurturing person.  You enjoy making things. You might be dealing with issues around the value of your feminine side.  Self-acceptance is the first step to perfect health and emotional balance.

2. IK, or White Wind, embodies the ability to communicate and share ideas and thoughts to others.  This sign refers to spirit, and natives of IK may need to feel grounded in some way.  You are flexible, indecisive and sometimes fickle, and can sometimes be destructive to yourself and others.  Even so, you bring the gift of inspiration to the world.  This is the symbol for God as Father, who blows life and humor into the forms with his breath.

God, as Father, is the thought, the idea to create, the One who knows you and represents truth.  You will have a cosmic closeness to the masculine aspect of God, a knowing of what that means.  You are very interested in truth and have fun with humor.  You might be dealing with issues around the value of your masculine side.  Meditating with this glyph can help you bring your masculine and feminine sides into perfect balance.  This is necessary for becoming the fully enlightened being.

3. AKBAL, or Blue Night, people can be romantic and dreamy, and there is a certain artistic quality to these individuals. Perhaps it's because of this trait that many people born under this sign fear the darkness in themselves and in others, but this is something they need to overcome.  The forms of creation take on an appearance and become the temple, or dwelling place, of God.  You will have a cosmic understanding of what it means to be the expression of divine energy in form.  The symbol of home is important for you, and you will explore the meanings and spiritual aspects of home.  You want to make it a place of peace. The concept of home expands to include your environment and your planet.  You have a strong desire for balance and peace.

4. KAN, or Yellow Seed, is a sensual and romantic native that tends to operate in a rather leisurely manner.  The challenge for you is to learn to appreciate the many gifts you have to offer, not just your more sensual side.  God's creations change and evolve continuously and you have a cosmic interest in the mysteries of creation.  How does this miracle happen?  This symbol portrays the dynamic and ongoing nature of creation.  It speaks about reproduction, growth and change. You begin to see all creation as an expression of divine love.  This step is necessary for becoming the fully enlightened being, because you need to feel the oneness running through all life in order to love all things.  Everything that has ever been created is a child of God made from divine energy, and we are all loved equally. You can be used to heal issues of bigotry or racial hatred.  If God is present in all things, there is no point in making comparisons.

5. CHICCHAN, or the Red Serpent, is a very strong day sign that may hold magical powers.  The serpent has long been recognized as a creature of "knowing," and these natives are often very intelligent.  Your best path to growth is to expand the heart, while learning to share your feelings, when angry.  This is the step when you become very aware of your separateness, as an individual. The mind becomes your tool for separation.  It was needed in order to gain the appreciation for oneness, but you don't have to play with that energy any longer than you choose.  You are a separate consciousness, an individual, one who can think. Only when you complete the concept of yourself as being separate from God, can you start the exciting journey back to oneness.  You might be dealing with issues around loneliness and a strong desire to be loved.  Meditating with this symbol can be helpful in moving through feelings of despair knowing that your feelings of separation and alienation are natural but temporary and then move to glyph number 8, LAMAT.  LAMAT, the Mayan star will help heal the pain of loneliness.

6. CIMI, or White World-Bridger, individuals have inherent psychic abilities, but they also have a soft manner to them. In fact, the Maya believed that people born under the sign of CIMI made excellent healers, particularly to pregnant women and parents.  You may also make great business people due to your awareness of the concept of time; the realization that a lifetime is finite and has more to do with cycles of experience than endings.  You know that you will eventually make your souls journey back to divinity and then choose your next arena of experience.  You become aware of the preciousness of your life here on Earth, and you want to make the most of it.  You have great courage and daring, which move you into new experiences.

7. MANIK, or Blue Hand, is a spiritual day sign that tends to embody a peace-loving yet strong stature.  You are stubborn and strong and won't hesitate to express concern for a loved one.  MANIK brings you attainment and the ability to make things and you begin to understand how things work on this planet.  You also learn about how other people operate.  You become successful as you learn how to make changes in your life smoothly. You enjoy creative abilities. Basically, you enjoy being alive.  Meditating with this glyph can be helpful if you are dealing with issues around control, whether someone controlling you or if you have a need to control others.  This must be brought into balance in order to become your fully enlightened being, who honors the self and allows all things.

8. LAMAT, or Yellow Star, naturally attracts pure luck! LAMAT is a fairly easy-going sign that often believes that is best to go with the flow, rather than fight it.  This step is basically about learning to love.  You develop a tolerance and a compassion for yourself and others. The ability to love yourself is very important in attaining wisdom, and it is perfected here. You begin to feel a profound sense of your own value and a love for yourself exactly as you are.  You evolve this self-love into a deep love for humanity and a love and caring for the planet Earth. Meditating with this glyph will help you remember and hold the vibration for unconditional love.  LAMAT portrays, with colors, our coming forth into being from love when we awake, creating our bodies out of light, and then our return back to love, which we all do each time we fall asleep.  LAMAT is the symbolic portrayal that love is what we are.

9. MULUC, or Red Moon, people tend to be intense and highly emotionally charged.  You are an imaginative sign with psychic properties, but you must try to control your emotions.  More positively, you are also very spontaneous and charming; and this attracts others to you.  Meditating with MULUC will create an opening, to other dimensions, when you do it with the pure intention to grow in holiness.  It brings very clear awareness of your spiritual nature; opening to a more vivid realization of the existence of God. Here you see yourself as separate, from your Creator, in order to know that such a thing as God even exists.  You allow separation from the oneness in order to have many experiences on Earth. You have a great desire to under-stand your divine nature on a cosmic level.  You stand easily in the gateway between two worlds, seeing both sides.

10. OC, White Dog, natives are warm, smart, loyal and brave, and these qualities alone often make you well loved. You are sensual, and you sometimes find yourself involved in a romantic complication or two.   Just as a dog is a faithful companion to its master, you are a faithful companion to God.  This symbol helps you balance the emotions.  Your emotions are vivid and scattered, and the job here is to make some sense of it all.  You must keep the strong emotions, for they are needed in telepathy, but you arrange them in a more comfortable order. Sexuality is a big issue with this step of the soul.  The goal is integrating sexuality into your life and recognizing it as something of God, and as such, something to be appreciated and respected.  Meditating with this glyph can help bring wild emotions into balance.  It can also help you come to a place of peace around sexual issues, healing past wounds.  This glyph will help on a telepathic level, and on a soul level.  No words are needed.  Just state an intention as you begin your meditation.

11. CHUEN, or Blue Monkey to the Maya, people are known as the weavers of time.   Born under this day sign, you are creative, and may even be a practical joker.  Naturally charming, you may be a bit annoying to others because you love the spotlight.  Even so, you are quite talented and keep others from feeling bored.  With you, the gift of originality is received.  God creates new things through you. This step of the soul portrays the loving recognition that everything you are, and all you do, is of God. You are a living reflection of the spirit working through us, as walking sparks of creative energy.  This is an important foundation for the concept that the spirit of your Creator is truly in the creations. Because you are a living reflections of your Creator, you become more powerful.  Meditating with this glyph can help you resolve the issues of powerlessness that sometimes create unwanted addictions.

12. EB, or Yellow Human, natives are devoted to their fellow humans.  You are focused on community, future generations and the planet Earth. You are tempted to spend most of your time in meditation & prayer, forgetting about your physical obligations.  Compassionate, and easily hurt, you need to learn to safeguard your health.  Meditating with EB will help you balance spiritual & physical needs in order to attain wisdom.  You allow others to be exactly what they want to be and you know every experience becomes wisdom gained.  You bring the realization of God's presence inside oneself and have a very close connection with God and a deep love, given and received.  Avoid judgment and scorn for others who do not feel the close connection to God the way you do.

13. BEN, or Red Skywalker, natives are characterized by their style of authority; people feel their authority and the owners of this day sign know it.   If born under this sign, you may become a great leader or fight for a worthy cause.  BEN brings the Awareness of God moving through all things; the longing for peace and harmony, wanting to unite the pillars of heaven and Earth.  Thirteen is God's number; it was held in reverence by the Mayans and many other ancient civilizations.  In this step of the soul the Christ energy assists you to create peace in your life and your environment.  You become very uncomfortable with conflict as you are one of the peacemakers.  If you have a tendency to turn the other cheek" and allow others to abuse you, then this needs to be brought into balance. Meditating with this glyph can bring the strength and courage necessary for honoring yourself and your needs. You learn what feels good and what doesn't. You learn to protect yourself by avoiding abusive situations. You learn that gentleness is a form of inner strength, and you respect yourself enough to stop any form of abuse in your life.

14. IX, or White Wizard, is represented by the jaguar.  The IX day sign is special because IX, or jaguars, can see in the dark.  For the Maya, this is a sign of prophecy.  This inherent clairvoyant tendency can easily be seen in the folks born on these days.  IX brings Wisdom and the power to perform miracles, to create with thought; and have the power to heal yourself and others.  You may have a tendency to become the "teacher" because you seem to know more than others, and others are often eager to give their power to you, as a way of avoiding responsibility.  At this point, in the soul's journey, there is a danger of egotism. Humility is needed to complete this step. Remember that Jesus fled when the people wanted to crown him king.  He was very concerned about protecting himself from egotism at this point, because that would have spelled the end of his mission.  This glyph is all about the power and learning to combine power with humility.  The secret here is loving yourself.   When you truly love yourself, you never need to be egotistical.  Meditating with this glyph can help you deal with issues of power or ego.

15. MEN, or Blue Eagle, natives have a spiritual bend, a keen eye for details and may have a gift for all things technical.  You may have a tendency to be ambitious and have high aspirations in life.  You should try to avoid alcohol and narcotics as they are not helpful for your well-being.  You learn through thought alone and access knowledge and wisdom from within yourself.  You will become very telepathic and be able to solve problems, then wonder where the answer came from before realizing that it came from someone else who knew the answer, and you reached out and picked it up telepathically.  You are wise enough not to read people's minds deliberately, as that would be an invasion of privacy.  The pillars of heaven and Earth are united as you grow in understanding.   Activation of higher and higher vibrations becomes routine as you become an expanded human.

16. CIB, or Yellow Warrior, people give you the feeling as though you are living with a huge karmic burden.  You embody the wisdom of the past & typically have unusual psychic abilities.  You usually appear jolly and happy, but you are actually quite serious underneath that exterior.  You will experience yourself as a member of the universe & feel a sense of being home here on Earth.  You can attain an ability to use and understand telepathy easily and become familiar and communicate with other life forms such as angels and space beings.  You will be adjusting your physical body to the higher frequencies to make such communication possible.  Stay out of awe or worship for other kinds of sentient life, but recognize them as brothers and sisters.

17. CABAN, or Red Earth, natives are intellectual and value the power of thoughts tremendously.  You have a talent for ridding others of their bad intentions and habits as planet Earth evolves to nurture a greater spirituality and more complex energy patterns, from our Creator, become available to transform the planet to one of peace.  You will be very interested in this process, becoming involved in assisting the shift to the higher frequencies.  You will facilitate the shift in others by holding it within yourself.  This is the love trust vibration.  This is the unwary heart, keeper of the wisdom.  You will have to stay centered and focused during the transition period, especially during difficulties.

18. ETZNAB, or White Mirror, natives have a remarkable gift for discerning truth, and the most important thing to you is truth.  You can discern the evil plans and interpersonal problems of others by reflecting them in a mirror of obsidian glass.  You have the ability to be fully focused on what is in front of you.  You learn to stop thinking so much about the past and worrying about the future.  Your ego is centered and disciplined.  You become fully pre-sent in the now.  Your mind becomes peaceful, with no urge to complain or worry.  By loving and allowing all things, you allow life to be easy.

19. CAUAC, or Blue Storm, signs are fun to be around, and never seem to age. You are the researchers of the universe and have a tremendous ability to teach what you learn.  This is the last shedding of tears as you heal all past, present and future wounds of the body, mind and spirit. Your emotions are cleaned and purified.  You have complete & total trust in God & yourself.  Your body is prepared for the final step of the soul as this solar glyph directly assists in healing by helping you release decayed energy that has been locked in the cellular mass of your body.  It is the final purification of the enlightened being prior to full activation.

20. AHAU, or Yellow Sun, brings the spiritual energy that was pulled into the crown chakra on number 12, EB, down through all the lower chakras to the root.   AHAU’s birthright is spirituality and that is not always easy to maintain.  You are born with artistic abilities, but you may feel disheartened by what you perceive as greed and avarice in the world.  The challenge for you is to approach the world in a realistic manner that still allows you to retain your idealism.  You become aware that everything you do, from any chakra, is a divine act.   You easily express God in all your actions and thoughts. You become the purified human vessel for divine love expressing on Earth.  You work easily with the kundalini energy.  You become the mind and the body of breath and light, the fully enlightened being. You harmonize easily with the higher planetary vibrations of the new cycles and your divinity is allowed, acknowledged and reclaimed.