Unconditional Love & Forgiveness

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          "Tsunami Wave" - "PULUFU"

           Peace, Unconditional Love, 

      Unconditional Forgiveness & Unity

My peace is with you. I am Megeso, the Eagle of Light. I bring you a message of thanks; a message of forgiveness; a message of change, a message of transformation and a call to ride the “Tsunami Wave of Peace,” unconditional love and unity with all our brothers and sisters regardless of race, color, age, sex, creed or belief system.

I call to all genres of music, song, and dance to support this festival, where all are welcomed.  I call to those from the arts, sciences, media and all walks of life to promote and join us at the national "Tsunami Wave of Peace" festival to save the earth and mankind. I call to the youth, middle age and elderly people of America, and the world.  We need everyone to ride this “Wave.”



We forgive society, friends, family and government for controlling, manipulating and subliminally seducing us in how to live their lives, not ours.  We love America, and the world, but enough is enough; the time is now to do what is right for us all.  We forgive the local, state, national, and global governments, for the grand manipulation of us.   We forgive you for the high cost of fuel; we forgive you for high unemployment; we forgive you for the high cost of education; we forgive you for inflation; we forgive you for high health care premiums; we forgive you for the high cost of food, clothing and shelter; we forgive you for bailing out the financial institutions and the auto industry, but not us; we forgive you for allowing companies to ship our jobs overseas; we forgive you for low interest rates on savings; we forgive you for taking the life savings of our parents, when placed in nursing homes. 

We forgive you for the high cost of prescription drugs; we forgive you for high credit card interest; we forgive you for at will firings and no severance pay; we forgive you for foreclosing on our homes; we forgive you for repossessing our cars though we need them to find work; we forgive you for political correctness; we forgive you for taxes, we forgive you for war; we forgive you for over 50 million Americans living in poverty; we forgive you for the third worse poverty rate, among the developed nations; we forgive you for over 41 million Americans on food stamps; we forgive you for more than  50 million Americans on Medicaid;

We forgive you for over 10 million Americans receiving unemployment insurance; we forgive you for 28% of all U.S. households having at least one member looking for a full-time job; we forgive you for nationwide bankruptcy filings rising 20%; we forgive you for more than 25 percent of all Americans with a credit score below 599; we forgive you for 1 out of every 5 children in the United States living in poverty; we forgive you for the huge national debt; we forgive you for nuclear weapons, bombs and weapons of mass destruction.

We forgive you for allowing psychological technology in the workplace; we forgive you for forgetting the principles of our founding fathers to defend and protect the Bill of Rights and our Human Rights.  We forgive the politicians from both parties for their lies and deceit when they tell us things are getting better, when they are not; and we forgive you for the high cost of Freedom.

We forgive society for using the local, regional, national newspapers, radio, and television along with social media to control and manipulate us into buying certain goods, voting for certain candidates or issues, exposing us to sexual immoralities at young ages while selling us into a life of restrictions as you fill our lives with fear, doubt, gore and negativity.  There are many good things happening in the world that we would prefer to see, hear, feel and connect with as we dance, play and sing to the vibrational song of life in the Now.  We forgive society for judging us.

We forgive religions for teaching us the fear of hell.  As John Platt wrote, “Hell fear is indoctrinated into us from early childhood.  Before we are able to think critically our parents and other adult authority figures have convinced us that if we do not hold the right set of beliefs and behave the correct way, we are going to be tortured forever in this most horrible of places. We get the gratification of thinking that those who wrong us will get punished, but in exchange we have to live in constant fear of going to this horrible place. 

Like government and society, traditional religion teaches children that they must believe something or be punished for it in the most horrible of ways, forever. Telling children that they are inherently evil, wicked, vile or unworthy of forgiveness is fear dressed as psychological abuse. Do you really believe a young child as being a wretched sinner, undeserving of divine grace and so flawed as to be worthy of nothing but eternal punishment?  That said, we are about real change for the greater good and you, by hearing or seeing this video, you are welcomed to take an active part in the peaceful solution and collective evolution of Humanity. 

We are no longer going to sit idly by while society, family, friends, government and religion guilt us, control us, blame us and manipulate us, while killing our spirit as they take away our freedoms one by one, steal our dreams, deplete our natural resources, and destroy our air, waters, and land. 

We know the unemployment rate is greater than the 8-10%, we know people are working harder for less, we know the economy sucks no matter how many jobs government claims to have added.  Our unemployment rate is probably closer to 33% as we add in those that are underemployed, no longer eligible for benefits and therefore are not a statistic; and we are closer to 55% of Americans living in stressful conditions with little to no health insurance. 

You know the saying, “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; well, like the Who sang,

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution

Take a bow for the new revolution

Smile and grin at the change all around

Pick up my guitar and play

Just like yesterday

Then I'll get on my knees and pray

We don't get fooled again!

So I say to you, you, you and you, the TIME IS NOW so ‘don't get fooled again!’

Come together in this peaceful celebration, to show our numbers, and to feel the vibration of the many as one in this our evolution!  Governments, corporations, false prophets, religions, and purveyors of darkness that are self-serving in nature, take notice.  The 14th Dalai Lama said, “Peace is only lasting when human rights are respected, where the people are fed, and where individuals and nations are free." 

A MESSAGE OF CHANGE - Social Opinion

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” 

This is one of those times.  Too many Americans, and people around the world, are out of work, struggling to get by, selling out their “freedoms” and compromising their integrity, for the “privilege” of having food, clothing and shelter.  Our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual being is seeking relief and a better life, for us all.

In Lincoln’s Gettysburg address he spoke of a nation, under God, having a new birth of freedom; and a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  The 14th Dalai Lama said, “Peace is only lasting when human rights are respected, where the people are fed, and where individuals and nations are free." 

We have lost our way and our purpose; global peace, unconditional love, unity and freedom are for all.   The time has arrived for a united purpose for change and transformation.  We must knock down all barriers, to global peace and coexistence.   We can do so through a collective, focused voice, with the discipline and strength of a martial artist and the pureness of our own Light. 

We invite everyone to attend the "Tsunami Wave of Peace” festival, a national and global "Infinite Embrace", where All are Welcomed.   This will be a communal embrace of the heart and soul, of the people, by the people and for the people that are truly interested in a lasting global peace.  A festival filled with love, song, music and dance.

Message of Change - Social Opinion - Ban War

We understand that physical harm, to our body, can cause pain, illness or even death; yet we don’t possess the same understanding, when it comes to damage inflicted upon the Earth. The Earth takes a daily pounding from underground bomb testing and nations at war. The peripheral effect, to the planet, is even worse, as the fallout pollutes our air, waters and soil. In addition, these explosions have a direct, or ripple effect that may widen existing fault lines, or make new ones in the earth’s core. Factor in the damage, or death, to plants, animals and humans, and the spread of disease; now, add in the physical and emotional pain and suffering of humans, from fear, uncertainty and loss. War breeds war and contempt for each other. War creates poverty, hunger, and health problems. War is “not an option,” there is a better way.

The "Tsunami Wave of Peace” festival asks for a united front for global peace.  We call for an immediate ban, not only on bombs, missiles and weapons of mass destruction, but a ban on war itself so all free nations can live in peace.  Change can come about, we have the technology.  Through our collective will and intellect, we can stop this practice of war that has more risk than benefit or reward.

In the words of John Lennon, “All we are saying is Give Peace a Chance.”


Message of Change - Social Opinion - Poverty & Eco-Friendly Technology

Fifty (50) million Americans are living in poverty today, and homelessness is on the rise. This is totally unacceptable in America and around the world.  How can we look ourselves in the mirror and tell the American people, or the world community, things are getting better when they are not.  How can we help, or address, world poverty when we can’t solve our own,at home?

We can build eco-friendly dormitories, or buildings, in self-sustainable communities and regions throughout the United States and the world to provide the basic necessity of life to all.  

In the united States change the tax structure to something like this.  We offer that a 5% flat tax on company profits could go strictly to the building of these self-sustainable communities with roof top, or surface, vegetable and herb gardens. Poverty and homelessness will cease to exist, in America, and No Human Left Behind.


Message of Change - Social Opinion - Elderly & Day Care 

What about our seniors that made this country great after World War II?  The life savings, intended for their children and grandchildren, should not be taken by government, if they are placed in a nursing home.  This money would be better served, circulating into the economy, if left to their offspring.  We should compensate, one family member, who, in lieu of nursing home care, provides fulltime care for their sick or disabled parents or their permanently disabled or terminally ill children.  This will allow our valued citizens to spend their remaining days with their loved ones.  Also, insurance companies should allow us to add our dependent parents to our plans as they did when we were growing up.

We should compensate one stay at home parent, for providing full time day care and education for their children, from birth to age six or first grade.



Message of Change - Call to the "Beautiful People"

We call for the “beautiful people” and all groups that society has labeled as misfits, out of touch, radical, insignificant, outcast, and uninvolved, who are truly free-spirits and good souls.  You are “smarter than they think.”  Society has missed the point, on who you are and what you really stand for.  You are the “get it” generation who will collectively cause change and transformation.  We call for and reach out to the woman, from each of these groups of misfits, who practice and use holistic and alternative food, therapies and medicines. The woman, the natural nurturers who can lead this change, with the strength and understanding of a lioness, the ability to “hide in plain sight” like a fox and the vision of a hawk.

The Tsunami Wave of Peace” festival is an evolution, not revolution, for personal change and transformation.  Issues of interest for discussion are spirituality; healthcare; poverty; homelessness; malnutrition; education;  genocide; energy sources of solar, wind, hydro, etc.; alternative education; the experimentation, development, use and distribution of all natural, homeopathic and alternative therapies and medicines, produced from the natural plants of the “free earth” including the legalization of marijuana for medical and commercial use, in liquid, pill and natural form; the formation of local, state, national and global training centers for the education and development of our inner selves; bringing millions of people and cultures together for the “greater good.”


Message of Change - Social Opinion -Spirituality, Holistic & Alternative Medicine 

On the spiritual side, most religions or believers, refer, in some manner or another, to a light within us.  We generally agree, or believe, that before we can help someone else, with their problems or issues, we must first have an understanding of who we are. The message of the future is simple and pure.  Know who you are by finding the goodness or Light within you, and become realized.  Once connected within, learn how to connect and see the breath, the light and the goodness in others, for the collective benefit of humanity. Understand that it is more than finding individual self; it is about connecting with the earth and our collective Self.

We ask government to sponsor and implement area, region and national holistic and alternative health centers, to assist us in handling daily stress, and to find our individual and collective light centers.  Holistic teachers can help us to connect with what we see, sense, feel, taste and hear within this space; to experience and sense the oneness of being centered with the earth and its people.  We will learn to connect with our light energy and feel that flow of freedom, choice, allowing and accepting that are emanating throughout all aspects of our being.  Together, we can learn to feel the flow of light that emanates into the earth, by connecting with our individual and collective energy, so we can move forward for the greater good.  We call for everyone, in all walks of life, to attend this festival.  We call our brothers and sisters, from all continents, to have similar festivals for peace. Let’s turn this into a global “Tsunami Wave of Peace” festival and a worldwide “Infinite Embrace.” That’s utopian, and simple, right? Yes and no, it takes focus and guidance, we have a way.

Embrace these changes with courage, trust and love, as you remember you, your purpose, and your journey.  We are the newborns, the innocents, who have refused to accept the national and global politics, and self-serving ways, of those who seek power, fame and control of humanity and earth’s resources.  It is time to get on with the business of truly saving the world and returning earth to the “land of plenty” for all.  It is here we will begin to reference some of the issues of the past and our new found direction for the future.


Message of Change - Social Opinion - Right to Assemble

This call for change, transformation and global peace, for “Freedom in Light” may be viewed as an act of opposition, to government policy, and be viewed as being an illegal activity, itself.  The system has little tolerance for self-expression, if it veers beyond the acceptable conformity.

You've probably already experienced the alienation this engenders, on a small scale, where people have lost their trust and stereotype the motives or any cause. 

Some of us older hippies haven't overdosed or sold out to the system. We still exist, on the edge of society, awaiting the call of a new generation to lead the change.  Our message is non-violent, simple, and pure (KISS), but not without controversy, as we address, national and global, social, spiritual and economic issues.

Four generations later, we still stand, at a threshold to free ourselves to become one harmonious species, with unlimited potential, forever to be known as The "Get It" Generation.

The “Tsunami Wave of Peace” festival will be recorded for the whole world to see.

Message of Change - Social Opinion - Mayan Calendar of today - Astrology of 60's

Step back, for a moment, to 1967, in San Francisco, to the call of the Gathering of the Tribes, and the First Human Be-In when 50,000 “beautiful people” gathered at the Polo Grounds to listen to Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, Ram Dass, Dick Gregory, Jerry Rubin, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Gary Snyder talk about life, love, enlightenment and peace.  This was a highly charged, symbolic event that brought together the political, spiritual, literary, musical and shamanic leaders of a generation.  Many, who participated, in this event, remember a special light that surrounded them, during the Be-In. Inside this collective experience, in the light, there was a tremendous feeling of community, togetherness and oneness.  But then the light faded and they found themselves back in the park, listening to music, separate once again.  In the 60’s hippie wave, astrology was extremely conducive to revolutionary ideas and activities.

Today’s seekers use ancient cultures like the Mayan 28 day calendar.  The Mayan calendar is more conducive, than the Gregorian calendar (Catholic Church), and a better tool for neophytes who have yet to recognize, or begin to tap, their inner being and vibration.  Since most future predictions align closer to the Mayan calendar, for the waves’ purpose, we will identify our new gathering of tribes as Polar Earth, Signal Earth, Cardinal Earth, Core Earth and Gateway Earth families.

Since recorded time, every religion has some reference or interpretation of world changing or world ending events. 

Time is our common thread, for different reasons. We are at the tipping point of a new consciousness. A super-consciousness that moves us away from the sub-coconscious we have dwelt in long enough controlled by the few.  The choice we make today will be the difference. Nuclear, biological and chemical threats still hang over our heads as maniacal leaders, without inhibitions, may use these weapons of mass destruction. 

The Moody Blues sing, in The Story in Your Eyes, “I'm frightened for your children, that the life that we are living is in vain.”

Let me read to you a tale from a Plains Indian.



             Tale of the "Ancient One"

Ancient One sat in the shade of his tree in front of his cave.   Red People came to him and he said to Red People, "Tell me your vision."

And Red People answered, "The elders have told us to pray in this manner, and that manner, and it is important that only we pray, as we have been taught, for this has been handed down to us by the elders."

"Hmmmm," said the Ancient One.

Then Black People came to him and he said to Black People, "Tell me your vision."

And Black People answered, "Our mothers have said to go to this building and that building, and pray in this manner and that manner.  And our fathers have said to bow in this manner and that manner, when we pray.   And it is important that we do only this, when we pray."

"Hmmmm," said the Ancient One.

Then Yellow People came to him and he said to Yellow People, "Tell me your vision."

And Yellow People answered, "Our teachers have told us to sit in this manner and that manner, and to say this thing and that thing, when we pray.   And it is important that we do only this, when we pray."

"Hmmmm," said the Ancient One.

Then White People came to him and he said to White People, "Tell me your vision."

And White People answered, "Our Book has told us to pray in this way and that way and to do this thing and that thing, and it is important that we do this when we pray."

"Hmmmm," said the Ancient One.

Then Ancient One spoke to the Earth and said, "Have you given the people a vision?"

And the Earth said, "Yes, a special gift for each one, but the people were so busy speaking and arguing, about which way is right, they could not see the gift I gave each one of them."

And the Ancient One asked the same question of Water and Fire and Air and got the same answer.

Then Ancient One asked Animal, and Bird, and Insect, and Tree, and Flower, and Sky, and Moon, and the Sun, and each told him the same.

Ancient One thought this was very sad.  He called, to him, the Red People, Black People, Yellow People, and White People and said to them.

"The ways taught to you by your Elders, Mothers and Fathers, Teachers, and your Books are sacred.  It is good that you respect those ways, for they are the ways of your ancestors.   But the ancestors no longer walk on the Face of the Earth Mother.  You have forgotten your own Vision. Your Vision is right for you but no one else.

Now each of you must pray, and be still enough to see them, so you can follow the way of the heart.  It is a hard way. It is a good way.  Then you will open up the path to follow your soul into divine Light and emerge as one with each other.


A MESSAGE OF CHANGE - Personal Opinion - What are you doing?

Today, we ask you to accept this message of change, by keeping it simple and pure, as we seek global peace, unconditional love, and unity with all humanity.  We are weary travelers who long to share the love and peace with our fellow beings.  It is a moment for space to transcend time, as we learn from and serve each other as one, in a partnership of Light to save earth and mankind.  We ask for our complete transformation, the synchronization of time and dimension to bring together, in a non-violent and peaceful nature, all our resources for this cause.  Strength in numbers will give us purchasing power, an unwavering voice and a seat at the table. 

What are you doing to make this world a better place?  Is it time to face reality again?  Have you forgotten who you are, what you are and why you are here?  What’s this life for anyways?   Is it to live under the threat of war, poverty, starvation and self destruction?  Are you seeking freedom from the chords that bind you to other people's expectations, to other lifetimes, or even your own expectations?   If so, stop the noise, and set yourself free. 

The moment has arrived to replace the leadership, of the status quo, peacefully and properly, that have weakened our faith, depleted our resources, damaged our land, and polluted our air, waters and sky.  

We call to those who protested in the 60’s.  Reclaim who you are and stop trying to protect your children from the road that you travelled.

In Bob Dylan’s lyrics, from the Times they are a-changin, “Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command” or Kahlil Gibran’s, “your children are not your children.”

Whether you smoked a joint, dropped acid, had uninhibited sex, smelled like a buffalo, or wore clothes that you wouldn't get caught dead in, today.  Then, it was the most perfect thing you could do.   A parent, decrying your mind-expanding experiences, as innocent mistakes, belittles yourself, and does you more harm than good.  To inflict this attitude upon your children is to commit a great hypocrisy.   Rediscover your lost ideals and use the power you possess, to act according to those once highly regarded principles.  If not, you will lose your children, just as your parents lost you.  Speak as an innocent, pure in heart, about a better world, a better place and a better way to live our lives.   

Step out from under the pile of “crap” that was dumped on you.  Awaken and take back your life.  What follows is a prophecy of a Plains Indian.  Listen to the call.


                        "Warriors in Light"

It was prophesied that one day, because of mankind’s' greed, there will come a time  when the fish will die in the streams, the birds will fall from the air, the waters will be blackened, the trees will no longer be and mankind as we know it, will all but cease to exist.

There will come a time when the "keepers of the legend, stories, culture rituals, and myths, and all the Ancient Tribal Customs" will be needed to restore us to health. They will be mankind’s key to survival; they are the "Warriors in Light."

There will come a day of awakening when all the peoples, of all the Earth tribes, will form a New World of Justice, Peace, Freedom and recognition of the Great Spirit.  The "Light Warriors” will spread these messages and teach all people of the Earth. They will teach us how to live the "Way of the Light Spirit."

They will tell us of how the world, today, has turned away from the Great Spirit and that is why our Earth is "Sick."  The "Light Warriors" will show the people that this "Ancient Being" is full of love and understanding, and will teach us how to make the Earth beautiful again.

These Light Warriors will give us principles, or rules to follow, to make their path right with the world.  These principles will be those of the Ancient Tribes.  The Light Warriors will teach the people of the ancient practices of Unity, Love and Understanding.  They will teach us of Harmony among people in all four corners of the Earth.

Like the Ancient Tribes, they will teach us how to meditate and link to the Great Light Spirit, within us all, with love that flows like the beautiful mountain stream, and flows along the path to the ocean of life.  Once again, they will be able to feel joy in solitude and in councils.  

We will be free of petty jealousies and love all mankind as our brothers, regardless of color, race or religion.   We will feel happiness enter our hearts, and become as one with the entire human race.   Our hearts will be pure and radiate warmth, respect, and understanding for all mankind, Nature, and the “Light” that lives within us all. 

We will find strength and beauty in meditation and the solitudes of life.  We will once again fill our minds, hearts, souls, and deeds with the purest of thoughts.   We will seek the beauty of the Master of Life -- the Spirit within and without! 

Our children will once again be able to run free and enjoy the treasures of Nature and Mother Earth.  Free from the fears of toxins and destruction, wrought by mankind and their practices of greed.  The rivers will again run clear, the forests will be abundant and beautiful, the animals and birds will be replenished.   The powers of the plants and animals will again be respected and conservation of all that is beautiful will become a way of life.  The poor, sick and needy will be cared for by their brothers and sisters of the Earth.  These practices will again become a part of our daily lives.

The leaders, of the people, will be chosen in the old way -- not by their political party, who could speak the loudest, boast the most, by name calling or mudslinging, but by those whose actions speak the loudest.  Those who demonstrate their love, wisdom, and courage and those who show that they can, and will work for the good of all, will be chosen as the leaders.  

They will be chosen by their "quality" and not the amount of money they have obtained.   Like their thoughtful and devoted "Ancient Leaders," they will understand the people with love, and see that their young are educated with the love and wisdom of their surroundings.  They will show us that miracles can be accomplished, to heal this world of its ills, and restore it to health and beauty.

The tasks of these “Light Warriors" are many and great.   There will be terrifying mountains of ignorance to conquer, and they will find prejudice and hatred.  They will be dedicated, unwavering in their strength, and strong of heart.  They will find willing hearts and minds that will follow this road, of returning "Mother Earth" to beauty and plenty, once more.

The beat of the drum grows louder now.  Heed the call.  The day has come.  The day that we will see, how we owe our very existence to the people of all the Earth Tribes that have maintained their culture and heritage and kept the rituals, stories, legends, and myths alive.  

It will be with this knowledge, the knowledge that they have preserved, that we shall once again return to "harmony" with Nature, Mother Earth, and mankind.  It will be with this knowledge that we will find the "Key to our Survival."

        Change = "Tsunami Wave of Peace"

So, I ask you to embrace your ancestors, the ways of the ancients, the lessons of the old, and the new, warriors in Light that are here to assist in the transformation and unity of the Earth.  It is time for humanity to take the quantum leap of faith to “get it right” this time. To bring together like-minded individuals, and groups, in a common cause for global peace, unconditional love, unity and transformation, for religion or purpose and align to a Universal Light, Breath and Love, or the Universal Jeshua that is here for ALL, regardless of race, color, age, sex, sexuality, creed or belief system. 

The “Tsunami Wave of Peace” festival will be composed of all disciples of light, knowledge and wisdom that have the willingness to stand up for change and embrace peace.  To experience the moment of change and transformation, whether you believe your Source, God, Spirit, Divine Mother and Jesus appears as spirit, plant, rock, light; black, white, yellow, or green; man, woman or child.  What matters is that you believe in you.  We are One Breath, One Light, One People, One Nation that are all part of the Whole or Source of Creation that offers a simple message of 'PULUFU' or global Peace, Unconditional Love, Unconditional Forgiveness,  and Unity for ALL mankind.   


Thank you for the knowledge to untangle the chords that binds you;  thank you for the understanding of inclusion; thank you for the seed that was planted, in the hard soil of old belief systems that bring us the magic of global peace, unconditional love and unity and our long awaited bliss. Thank you for the gift of Transformation, on this journey home.  

We must enlighten and teach others, how to connect with the balance, communication and synchronicity, between our inner light and the external earth light, to generate a connection to humanity and to a lasting global peace.  This is a merging of hearts and souls, from all walks of life and of all ages.   Do not judge by time, or perception, but by action.  When future generations look back, they will see that we transcended time and entered a new dimension of consciousness to save mankind, as we know it.   You can conform and be a part of the system, or you can discover who you really are, and express your unique individuality, with unlimited potential.  

Ride the “Tsunami Wave of Peace,” unconditional love and unity, not only here in America, but across the seven continents. This national and global journey of transformation that is the culmination of all waves.  From our divinity, we can do no wrong in achieving Global peace and oneness amongst the human race.  We will prevail with a simple and pure message of peace, unconditional love and unity. 

This wave will imprint a total shift in consciousness, a spiritual eroticism, with a sense of calm and peace, as the people of all earth families become one with each other.  Embrace the ancients, and your new brothers and sisters, regardless of race, color, creed or belief systems.  It is time for space to transcend time as we learn to love, trust and coexist with each other, for the collective good, with NO HUMAN LEFT BEHIND.  

Extend your hand, the tool of Knowing, which senses and heals, as we transmit and receive light, which allows us to speak a Universal language.  Acknowledge the power of touch, and watch a million worlds of emptiness vanish in one embrace. 

Picture yourself flying high above the ocean of life, you hunger for global peace, unconditional love and unity; with your keen eyes, you scan the vast expanse of the sea; then you realize that there is no better fish to catch, than the universal fire that lies within us all.   

Embrace this thirst and hunger for peace, unconditional love, and unity.   It is from here that we take the first step to self realization and transformation. 

Mahatma Ghandi said, “You must be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

The lines have been drawn; a new life awaits you, guided by your vision, experiences and acceptance of transformation and change.  Connect and stand united for peace with compassion, unconditional love, understanding, tolerance, forgiveness and possess the faith and courage to protect the weak, ignorant, unfortunate, abandoned and oppressed.  To possess the grace, capacity and ability to verbally slay and forgive your enemies that live in darkness; dressed in power, money and greed. 

The seed planted, by the hippie wave of the 60’s, has fully blossomed.  The time has come to reconnect with the old, and join with the new, in our quest to “Give peace a chance” and experience pure and unconditional love for each other. 

You will be on a miraculous journey pursuing and remembering your purpose and divinity in Light on Earth.  Be dedicated to your transformation and to the cause of opening the Light within.  Learn to activate your inner light that is connected to the outer light of the crystal earth grid and to the sky above.  

Feel it within and around you, as it fills your physical body, and as it comes up through the flowers, the grass, the trees, and the water.  Feel the space that resonates within you.  This is the space in which your higher self resides.  May the Light be with you, as you open your eyes to remember the places you have been and to cherish the ones you are about to see. 

Find the inner tone and vibration that releases the Light threads of knowledge and the wisdom of self, and others, that speak to you.   Open your mind, heart and soul to remember and to see who you are.   Hold to nothing and merge with Life’s Totality.  Rest in the emptiness of your essence and experience this unconditional love, unity and forgiveness.   We are here for our completion and the union of one. 

By knowing our true Self, we will activate the Breath and inner Light threads we had as  babies, when we were “the innocents,” had no fear, and spoke from our pure inner voice.   Life is about developing our personal passions and goodness, so we might collectively merge our passions, to right the wrongs of an earlier time.  We will stand for national and global righteousness with our new found individual and collective strength.  We will stand strong, as one. 

This is the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual change, or eroticism, that you have waited for.  The cutting of the chords of bondage, the releasing of the threads of Light, within and without, that have prevented us from experiencing the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual ecstasy within us all.  Shed what no longer serves, satisfies or drives you.  Yield to your inner Light as a natural cyclical cleansing process.  Release your identity and surrender your attachments, and be granted access to a New World.  The key to your Light energy and your vibration is here to move you forward, on the waves of a higher frequency.   

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.   Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

Awaken and align to the “Tsunami Wave of Peace,” unconditional love and unity for all mankind.  The structure of our DNA is changing.  The structure of our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual being is evolving.  Embrace this change with trust and love, and ride your threads of Light.  Rise up from the ashes and dedicate yourself to the cause of life, and your Light, within and without, that will lead you, your brothers, and sisters home.  People will look at you in awe and wonder.  Embrace them, as you walk comfortably in bliss.  You are transmitting and receiving the Light of your inner spirit.  When you look at your brothers and sisters, they will feel a sense of peace, and know that all is well. 

We greet you in the Light that you are.  Step into the Light; see yourself as a small flame piercing the darkness, a ray of hope, a symbol of Light within us all; a Light that can never be extinguished;  a Light that will grow; a Light that dispels fear, despair, doubt and paranoia, a Light that can never die.  To know SELF, inside and out, to receive and transmit Light, possessing the knowledge and wisdom to make the world a better place, the place we intended it to be, four generations ago, after the first global hippie wave.  

Many of you were at the forefront, of everything that's happened before, and we still feel this national and global shift taking place.  Those who are just beginning to find Self, or awaken, are also experiencing similar feelings.  No matter where you are, you must be aware that you are you transforming and transitioning in the advancement of life and light. 




Forty years ago, we the “beautiful people,” highlighted  the problems inherent in the system, which led to many regulations that now protect individual and environmental rights.  Our health craze led to healthy alternatives and living with nature, rather than destroying it.  We expanded our minds and cast off the shackles of social conformity.  We stood as examples of freedom.  Our art, music and literature stood the test of time, due to the creativity and innovative thinking, which flows from free minds. 

After the Woodstock concert, Max Yasgur, the owner of the farm where Woodstock was held, saw it as a victory of peace and love.  He spoke of how nearly half a million people filled with the possibilities of disaster, riot, looting, and catastrophe spent the three days with music and peace on their minds.  He states that "if we join them, we can turn those adversities, which are the problems of America today, into a hope for a brighter and more peaceful future.  We want to reflect that same image, and more, in this display of love and trust, amongst millions of peaceful gatherers, who speak to connecting, living and being in the light and love, for the greater good.  We are calling for a National and global Embrace that will span the seven continents of the globe.  This will indicate to us, and the world, the strength of our numbers for global peace and coexistence. 

Our attendance goal for the "Tsunami "Wave of Peace and “Infinite Embrace” festival is a 25 million supporters.  With 50 million Americans, and more across the globe, are living in poverty, and we invite them all, this should be attainable.  The membership and festival are free, to all. 

This eco-friendly festival will be powered by solar, wind, water or other green energies.  The food will be organic or chemical free, as well.  Garbage, waste and debris will be collected, discarded and recycled daily.  We will set an example for the entire world to see.  One they will want to be a part of or emulate.  One that is beautiful, special and right. 

There are many good causes and programs, helping many people today, but it is not enough.  We believe in, support and welcome programs like Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross, and other groups that feed the hungry; clothe the naked; and provide shelter for the homeless. These well organized groups, by themselves, are refreshing, but a greater moment is at hand.  Let’s consolidate our resources and efforts.  We call upon these and similar organizations to join us, and lend their expertise to building these eco-friendly and self-sustaining communities that will help feed the poor and provide shelter for the homeless.   We invite you to ride the “Wave.”

Our earth mothers must prepare, immediately, for peace festivals of song, dance, higher consciousness and love, everywhere.  It is the women that will help us discover our inner and outer light, and to work as one by establishing new “coffee houses” or places of gathering, in all cities and towns, throughout the United States and the US islands.   Form bonds and new alliances of common ground with other “get it” groups, from your communities to identify with and attend the “Tsunami Wave of Peace” festival. 

Transformation - Sexual Alternatives and Legalization of Marijuana & other plants

We discuss alternative sex education and spiritual eroticism. One that teaches the appreciation, knowledge and understanding of connecting in a pure and fulfilling experience of the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual being, where the communion of two people is sacred and complete.  A melding of two bodies, as one, that produces the ultimate celestial orgasm, or bliss, with your twin, partner, or soul mate, in a fusion of heart and soul,where space transcends time and can be experienced naturally through prayer, meditation and centering.

Bill Hicks asked, “Why is marijuana against the law?  It grows naturally upon our planet.  Doesn’t the idea of making nature against the law seem to you a bit…..unnatural?”

We agree.

We support the legalization of Marijuana, and other natural herbs, as pain relieving medicines,  and spiritual “centering” tools, in liquid, pill and natural form, for medical and commercial use. History indicates that Marijuana, as a medicinal herb, is an effective pain reliever; anti-nausea agent for critically ill patients; many industrial uses; high in protein; an aphrodisiac; a sacred sacrament for many religions; and a safe alternative, to alcohol, as a relaxing, non-aggressive recreational activity.  We, or our government, should finance research into the medical and cultural uses of other natural herbs or non-addictive chemicals, as well.  The ritual use of plants, for personal exploration, has been an accepted part of society for thousands of years. To repress this use not only ignores an important element of human culture, but the lack of knowledge endangers the well being of those seeking self-discovery.


A Call to All Generations - "Tsunami Wave of Peace"

The “Freedom in Light” “Tsunami Wave of Peace” to save the children, and mankind, is our last best hope to fulfill the message of a lasting global peace and the saving of our Earth. This is the call to all generations; all ages; all cultures; gay or straight: from every disciplines of Breath, Energy and Light that are pure of heart and pure in soul, who truly believe we are on the wrong path, to come forward and band together as one. Show the entire world that this generation is sincere about change and transformation, for the good of all.

We need every interested person to come forward that would like to help coordinate this gigantic effort. Take that leap of faith, step up to the plate and volunteer your services and talents by participating in this, non-violent peace festival, the likes the world has never seen before. The beginning of your new found independence is nearly upon us.

This is the first day in the rest of our lives. Our power, today, lies in celebration and freedom. We are not alone. We embrace the pleasure of the moment and share the trust and love of a common bond with our, global and national, brothers and sisters. We are empowered by inclusion and our gift is spontaneous bliss. Together, we will cultivate the message of global peace, unconditional love and unity.

We call to those who attended or performed at Woodstock; Farm Aid; the concert for Bangledesh; and other Aid concerts; those involved in the “we are the world” video; a call to all groups, from yesterday and today, to join with the new bands, of today and tomorrow, from all genres of music and dance, to add fun and song to the "Infinite Embrace" for peace.  A concert of such magnitude that words cannot describe it.

We call for the old, the cyber and the new hippies from the USA; New Zealand’s “House truckers” and members of “The Return of the Ancients (1978) and “Rock Opera” that expressed their collective feeling of “We are one together;” we call for the community of "peace convoys,” the New Age Travelers from the United Kingdom; a call to Australia’s new hippies and those who gathered at Nimbin for the 1973 Aquarius Festival and the annual Cannabis Law Reform Rally or MardiGrass; to those in Chile, who attended the Piedra Roja Festival in 1970’s; and the jipectas, who gathered at Avándaro. We call upon the ravers; trancers; wiccans, punks, pagans, Christians, religious leaders; native or aboriginal Indian tribes; the mystics; astrologists; scientists; shamans; traditional doctors; caregivers; and all Light disciplines from the seven continents of the Earth. We call for the alternative medicine and holistic healers involved in modalities like Acupuncture, Alexander Technique, Aromatherapy, Art Therapy, Ayurvedic Medicine, Bibliotherapy, Bioenergetics, Biofeedback, Bowen Technique , Breathwork, Chakra Balancing, Color Therapy, Core Energetic, Crystal Therapy, Dance Therapy, Dolphin Therapy, Dreamwork , Emotional Freedom Technique, Feng Shui , Floatation Tank Therapy, Flower Essence Therapy, Gerson Therapy, Healing Touch, Hellerwork, Herbal Therapy, Huna, Hypnotherapy, Inner Child Therapy, Inversion Therapy, Iridiology, Journaling, Kinesiology, Korean Hand Therapy, Magnetic Therapy, Massage Therapy, Meditation, Movie Therapy, Music Therapy, NLP, Ortho-Bionomy, Polarity Therapy, Pranic Healing, Quantum Touch, Radionics, Raindrop Therapy, Rapid Eye Technology, Reflexology, Regression Therapy, Reiki, Rolfing, Shiatsu, Speleotherapy, Theta Healing, Vaastu , Visualization, Water Therapy, Yoga, and Yuen Method. Don’t miss the “wave.”

We call to and invite all those who have not received comfort, from traditional medicine, or relief from FDA approved red, yellow, green, white, blue, etc., pharmaceuticals, that they take on a daily basis, several at a time. We invite the elderly and the terminally ill to find their spiritual center, as they deal with their daily pain and eventual death. Maybe they can find a natural cure here, should they choose, as they possess “Free Will” and freedom of choice. Come and be a part of the enlightenment and experiment with alternative and holistic therapies and natural medicines.

All are welcomed to ride this “Tsunami Wave of Peace,” unconditional love and unity.

We call upon all bands and musicians that we faithfully supported, over the years, and new bands like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros to provide us with free musical entertainment; we call upon the Hollywood actors and actresses, professional athletes, our literary and scientific minds to support and convey our message, to the world. We call for support from MTV, NASCAR, the beat writers, Twilight followers and the everyday lay person, working or not, to come to this free event, as a participant, a volunteer, curiosity seeker; for the entertainment; or to experience the energy of the masses.  Come ride the “Tsunami Wave of Peace.”

We call upon the light and goodness of our holistic and alternative practitioners, therapists and providers, to play an important festival and health care role.  We ask that you open your collective hearts and souls in offering your services, of fulfillment, at this festival, for free. This will allow millions of, unemployed and uninsured, American citizens to experience an alternative quality source of care, at no cost.  Using alternative or natural medicines could also reduce the cost of, or dependency on, prescription drugs, and save additional money for families.

This could force insurance companies to lower their health premiums, or include these services as preventive, or risk losing millions of dollars in revenue. Individuals can still use traditional services, for operations or other services, which holistic and alternative medicine cannot address, at this time.  We believe that future area, region holistic and alternative centers be funded by the federal and state government.  There is much discussion to be had, regarding health care, and this information should help motivate it.  We are here to build our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual center, as the foundation for connecting with each other, as one people, in a lasting coexistence and peace by riding this wave.

We have a great deal of unfinished business that needs tending. Time is of the essence. We embrace all of you, surround you with LOVE, and welcome you. Four generations working together can do far more than one generation alone, can possibly dream. Let it be this generation, your generation, that makes the difference.

                  Pact between Generations

We know you are young, inexperienced and unsure of yourselves.  Answering, leading or gravitating to a call, or "wave," tends to alienate us from family and friends.  Stand up for what you believe, in your heart of hearts, when challenged.  We are concerned for Americans and people around the world that are casually giving up their basic freedoms.  We need this generation to protect, not only themselves, but their parents and future generations.  There is always complete acceptance for your life.  So as you stand in your space, and declare this as your independence day, let yourself breathe in and incorporate the compassion, and the awareness, that is here for you.   As each one of us stands in the space of our independence, we stand in the place of choosing the life that we want, as we recognize how we transmit and receive our light energies, flowing from within and without, where small and large groups are one. You are the beacon of hope and light that is needed, to guide this ship safely into port.

We, the older of the four generations, offer you a pact.  We offer you our wisdom, our resources, our considerable skills, our time and attention.  We respectfully and collectively ask, in return, that you offer us your enthusiasm, your energy, your voices, and your concerns.   We can teach you our ways, and you can teach us yours.  Together we can discuss, organize, prioritize, coordinate, motivate, and activate all our fellow travelers in Universal Light. 

If we build it, they will come.  We are seeking the use of land, or venue, to support this national “Tsunami Wave of Peace” festival.  We request that the security detail be volunteers from the martial arts, who understand and reflect the discipline, focus and control to monitor this peaceful event.  We are also seeking the use of, or our own cable and radio channel to chronicle and promote the event, for the world to see, from inception to completion.

Come forward immediately if you have a venue.  Also, if you have expertise in organizing and coordinating “waves” of this potential magnitude, we need you.  All services to coordinate, participate or support the event are volunteer or non-paid.  This festival is about global peace, unconditional love, and unity, not capitalism, for the “greater good.”

Don’t wait, sign-up now, if you wish to attend, so we can secure a proper venue. The event is free, but we do ask that you donate pre-packaged food, grains, etc., hermetically sealed and dated. Be the first to sign up for this national and Global "Infinite Embrace" to promote the “Tsunami Wave of Peace” festival by donating your time, money and land to build eco-venues, to “give peace a chance.”  Send us an email or tweet; include your full name, date of birth, the group you best represent and the skills you possess.

This free and open event is for the entire world to see and participate in.  Disciplines will be on display from all participating communities and continents that will induce or enhance our individual and collective awareness, via music, song and dance along with alternative and holistic foods, medicines and therapies.  This awareness comes from all beings and places of light.  Feel the love and support it brings. It is found in everything we transmit, receive or provide for each other.

This is a huge effort that the “get it” people will look back on, knowing that the future of their children is safe.  We ask that this be known as the greatest, non-violent, festival of all time.  This twenty-two (22) day festival, and peace party, will be known throughout the free world as the “Infinite Embrace.”

I humbly request that all my brothers and sisters come forth.  Gather peacefully, and proactively build a lasting global peace, unconditional love, and unity.  It is this generation, your generation that will open the gates and tear down the barriers to coexistence.  We are here to live our lives as one, in global peace, unconditional love and unity as it was intended by the Universal Light of our Creator.  It will be a great sight to behold!


           Freedom in Light - Logo

The symbol or logo for the “Freedom in Light” Tsunami Wave of Peace is as follows:

·        Interconnecting infinity symbols (most powerful sign)

·        Four hands meeting, from each direction and touching at their pointer fingers

Within each infinity loop are symbols:

·        Tree of Light

·        DNA

·        Heart

·        Peace sign

The infinity loops are enclosed within a circle. 

The symbol, logo and coat of arms translate as:

The “Tree of Light” has roots and threads of light on each end; one set of roots and threads of Light that connect to our inner being and Creator; the other set of roots are the outer threads of light that connect us to Humanity and to the crystalline grid of our earth mother; thus we connect without and within, together as one.  The touching of the fingers from four directions, at the center, infuses the threads of light from within and without solidifying the connection of the individual soul, to the collective soul of Humanity and earth, that causes our DNA reconfiguration and transformation to higher consciousness.  This in turn, opens up the world’s heart to an understanding and pursuit of everlasting peace and coexistence. 

Thank you for listening to our message of thanks, a message of forgiveness, a message of change, a message of transformation and a call to ride the “Tsunami Wave of Peace," unconditional love and unity for Humanity and the saving of our planet.  We call upon all our brothers and sisters, of the seven continents, to lay down your weapons and open your arms to embrace your brothers and sisters from all walks of life, and the four corners of the earth, in this our day of transformation and enlightenment for all Humanity regardless of age, race, color, creed or belief system. 

In closing, listen to the tale of the salt and sugar ant.


The Salt Ant and the Sugar Ant

Once there were two ants. One lived in a sack of salt while the other lived in a sack of sugar. 

The sugar ant once visited her neighbor and tasted the salt in her sack.

Finding it bitter she said, “Do come and visit my house.   I’m sure you’ll find the food there much to your liking.”

The salt-fed ant accepted her neighbor’s invitation but being naturally cautious, and not wanting to run short of food, she took a grain of salt with her in her mouth.

When she ate the sugar she said, “Frankly I don’t know what you’re talking about. Your food tastes much like mine.’

The sugar fed ant replied, “Perhaps that’s because you’re holding on to something of your own. Get rid of that and I’m sure you’ll notice the difference.”

The salt fed ant cleaned out her mouth, tasted the sugar again, and never returned to the sack of salt.


Like the salt ant, let us also learn that we too can taste a better life, if we are open to change.  To all my fellow humans I leave you today with my trust and unconditional love. 

   My peace and unconditional love is with you all,

Billy “Megeso Kou” Denis


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