Unconditional Love & Forgiveness

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            Transformation & Light

Thank you for the knowledge to untangle the chords that binds us; thank you for the understanding of inclusion; thank you for the seed that was planted, in the hard soil of old belief systems that bring us the magic of global peace, unconditional love and unity and our long awaited bliss. Thank you for the gift of Transformation, on this journey home.

We must enlighten and teach others, how to connect with the balance, communication and synchronicity, between our inner light and the external earth light, to generate a connection to humanity and to a lasting global peace. This is a merging of hearts and souls, from all walks of life and of all ages. Do not judge by time, or perception, but by action. When future generations look back, they will see that we transcended time and entered a new dimension of consciousness to save mankind, as we know it. You can conform and be a part of the system, or you can discover who you really are, and express your unique individuality, with unlimited potential.

Ride the “Tsunami Wave of Peace,” unconditional love and unity, not only here in America, but across the seven continents.  From our divinity, we can do no wrong in achieving Global peace and oneness amongst the human race. We will prevail with a simple and pure message of peace, unconditional love and unity.

This wave will imprint a total shift in consciousness, a spiritual eroticism, with a sense of calm and peace, as the people of all earth families become one with each other. Embrace the ancient ones, your ancestors, ascended Masters, Guardian Angels, Universal Breath & Light or Jesus, your truth and your new brothers and sisters, regardless of race, color, age, sex, sexuality, creed or belief systems. It is time for space to transcend time as we learn to love, trust and live with each other, for the collective good, with NO HUMAN LEFT BEHIND.

Extend your hand, the tool of Knowing, which senses and heals, as we transmit and receive light, which allows us to speak a Universal language.  Acknowledge the power of touch, and watch a million worlds of emptiness vanish in one embrace.

Picture yourself flying high above the ocean of life, you hunger for global peace, unconditional love and unity; with your keen eyes, you scan the vast expanse of the sea; then you realize that there is no better fish to catch, than the universal fire that lies within us all.

Embrace this thirst and hunger for peace, unconditional love, and unity. It is from here that we take the first step to self realization and transformation. Mahatma Ghandi said, “You must be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

The lines have been drawn; a new life awaits you, guided by your vision, experiences and acceptance of transformation and change. Connect to the “Light Warriors” and stand united for peace with compassion, unconditional love, understanding, tolerance, forgiveness and possess the faith and courage to protect the weak, ignorant, unfortunate, abandoned and oppressed. To possess the grace, capacity and ability to verbally slay and forgive your enemies that live in darkness; dressed in power, money and greed.

The seed planted, by the hippie wave of the 60’s, has fully blossomed. The time has come to reconnect with the old, and join with the new, in our quest to “Give peace a chance” and experience pure and unconditional love for each other.

You will be on a miraculous journey pursuing and remembering your purpose and divinity in Light on Earth. Be dedicated to your transformation and to the cause of opening the Light within.  Learn to activate your inner light that is connected to the outer light of Humanity and to the crystalline Light grid of the earth and to the sky above.

Feel it within and around you, as it fills your physical body, and as it comes up through the flowers, the grass, the trees, and the water. Feel the space that resonates within you. This is the space in which your higher self resides. May the Light be with you, as you open your eyes to remember the places you have been and to cherish the ones you are about to see.

Find the inner tone and vibration that releases the Light threads of knowledge and the wisdom of self, and others, that speak to you. Open your mind, heart and soul to remember and to see who you are. Hold to nothing and merge with Life’s Totality. Rest in the emptiness of your essence and experience this unconditional love, unity and forgiveness. You are here for your completion and the union of one.

By knowing your true Self, you will activate the inner Light threads you had as a baby, when you were “the innocent,” had no fear, and spoke from your pure inner voice. Life is about developing your personal passions and goodness, so we might collectively merge our passions, to right the wrongs of an earlier time. We will stand for national and global righteousness with our new found individual and collective strength. We will stand strong, as one.

This is the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual change, or eroticism, that you have waited for. The cutting of the chords of bondage, the releasing of the threads of Light, within and without, that have prevented us from experiencing the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual ecstasy within us all.  Shed what no longer serves, satisfies or drives you. Yield to your inner Light as a natural cyclical cleansing process. Release your identity and surrender your attachments, and be granted access to a New World. The key to your Light energy and your vibration is here to move you forward, on the waves of a higher frequency.

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

Awaken and align to the “Tsunami Wave of Peace,” unconditional love and unity for all mankind. The structure of our DNA is changing. The structure of our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual being is evolving. Embrace this change with trust and love, and ride your threads of Light. Rise up from the ashes and dedicate yourself to the cause of life and living your Light, within and without, that will lead you, your brothers, and sisters home. People will look at you in awe and wonder. Embrace them, as you walk comfortably in bliss. You are transmitting and receiving the Light of your inner spirit. When you look at your brothers and sisters, they will feel a sense of peace, and know that all is well.

We greet you in the Light that you are. Step into the Light; see yourself as a small flame piercing the darkness, a ray of hope, a symbol of Light within us all; a Light that can never be extinguished; a Light that will grow; a Light that dispels fear, despair, doubt and paranoia, a Light that can never die. To know SELF, inside and out, to receive and transmit Breath & Light, possessing the knowledge and wisdom to make the world a better place.