Unconditional Love & Forgiveness

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Universal Breath & Light, Universal Jesus (Jeshua), Divine Mother, Heavenly Father, Great Spirit or the Source of all creation - Personal Journey

Every religion, faith or belief system speaks to a Light or God within us all.  It is my belief, too, that this is true.  I offer you a standard definition for this and then I will explain what it means to me, and how it impacted me in my journey to completeness.

The dictionary, or general, description of a Universal Jesus is this: a belief system that God resides within us all and that salvation is for all. 

However, Universal Breath & Light or Universal Jesus means more than that to me, and I hope to you that are looking for something to supplement your belief system, religion or simply to use or consider as a foundation for Oneness for those still searching for all that is.

A beginning to something more meaningful or fulfilling in your life that will bring a lasting peace to self, and a connection to all humanity, as we do our part to live in harmony and form a union of global peace, unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness and unity with all our brothers and sisters, and a better life for all or simply put, "Heaven on Earth."

I was born and raised a Roman Catholic.  I was an altar boy for many years and considered entering the priesthood to find "me."  Up to that point I was living the life of mostly conformity with society (materialism), family, friends, religion with peer expectations, not mine.  I had the impression of being judged as I was constantly being told, not asked, what was best for me. 

I found that my spiritual needs were incomplete and that I could not accept all their teachings as gospel, while accepting a select few.  This in all likelihood was due in part to the hypocritical events and actions that I witnessed within my environment of teachings and training.  That, and most people were practicing their religion, one day per week, as obligation.  It was here that I began the quest to find my Heavenly Father (God) and my Divine Mother for personal fulfillment and enlightenment, not realizing or embracing that God and the Divine Mother were within me all the time.  I traveled, domestically and internationally, for answers.  I attended services of many faiths such as Protestant, Agnostic, Catholicism, Hinduism, Judaism, factions of Christianity (Anglo-Saxon, Methodist, Lutheran, etc.) and the church of Scientology.  I read text, scriptures and books like the Bible and Koran, Upanishads, The Keys of Jeshua, Conversations with Jesus and others.  On other occasions, I lived in an ashram and attended extended religious retreats.  While all of these had value and merit, none were fulfilling enough to satisfy my thirst. I received the same, or greater, satisfaction from attending large gatherings such as Woodstock, The Harmonic Convergence or other New Age events at places like Stonehenge, other sacred sites of pilgrimage and now the experience of the sacred sites of Kauai (Garden of Eden) a SELF-SUSTAINABLE ISLAND that can feed and heal the world. 

One thing that I never understood or accepted was the lack of unity, or conversation, between faiths.  Looking at the numbers of the 22 major faiths, the congregations’ total approximately 6.2 billion people and the world population is around 7.1 billion.  With that being the case, one would think that war and killing would not exist from these God-fearing religions or belief systems.  I would like these religions to get together and demand a ban on war, to achieve global peace as they as they practice unconditional love and forgiveness, tolerance and acceptance for each other, to name a few,  based on all their basic tenets. 

One day, on my personal journey, I was hiking a mountain, with bricks in my backpack, for personal penance, not realizing I was already carrying a heavy load of fear, doubt, paranoia, conformity and procrastination from what I was taught by society since birth.  I knew something basic was missing, and I was right, at least for me.  When I reached the top of the mountain on a crystal clear day, I could see “endlessly.”  I realized how small each one of us is in the “big picture” of life.  We each played or were a part of the whole.  A voice came to me and simply said, “Look inside you, the answers are within.” How prophetic, and how small it made me feel, that the answer was so simple and pure, and there all along.  It was here I really studied, not casually as before, to learn how to go deep inside my being, to find and know the truth of Self.  Through a form of prayer or meditation, I began the practice of Self-Discovery to find my inner Breath, Spirit, Light and the God and Goddess within me. 

I came to believe that it is the goal of human life to evolve toward and with Spirit. This is the journey that unfolds over the course of one’s lifetime as we experience the adventure of moving from time and space to eternity. Spirit reaches into the hearts and minds, of humans, to urge us to choose the ascension path to unite with the Source of Creation.  One way Spirit does this is to incarnate as a human, to reveal Spirit’s personality to humanity, to serve as encouragement to discover and walk the path of Spirit. The person who fulfilled the role, to step down into the skin of a human, to show us the way back home is Universal Jesus.  Jesus’ teachings centered on helping people find their own internal source of Spirit.  He lived what he taught.  He was the embodiment of love and goodness, peace and understanding.  His God-centeredness allowed for the understanding of the natural laws of the universe and tap into the greater power of love to bring healing to people.  He practiced meditation and prayer to gain strength to meet the challenges of daily life.  He consistently showed love, kindness, patience, gentleness to others, and encouraged them to open to the Spirit within themselves.  Jesus repeatedly said, “The kingdom of Heaven is within.”  He lived his life to show us how to find the Spirit within, and what a human personality looks like when he or she is Spirit-centered.  Jesus accomplished this during his human lifetime, and is an inspiring guide to help us achieve this for ourselves.  His lifes' purpose was two-fold and provides the living link between our Creator-Source and humanity and to show each person how to find and connect with the God within us all and to embody the Creator and reveal God’s love for each person.  You can have a personal relationship with Jesus by inviting Him, as I did, into your heart, mind and soul.  Invite Him to show who He is, and the role He can play in your life, to help you accept and become who you truly are. In reaching out directly to Him, you will get an enhanced picture of the role He can play in your life to help you be a better person, to find happiness and fulfillment, to accompany you during your struggles, to give you courage and strength, and to help you find the answers to all of the urgent and pressing questions of your life.  He was tested here, as a human, and there is no one living past or present that has his unique perspective on life.  He is here for you now! 

It was at this point that I found the peace I was searching for that opened endless wisdom, knowledge and possibilities.  I acknowledged, and saw, the Light of God within me.  I learned how to connect through the Breath & Light energies, or Light threads within me, to God and Divine Mother. What a high it was to begin to understand myself, humanity and our connection to the Energies of the Universe.  Life lessons were emanating within and without me.  I was shedding the evil or darkness, while enhancing and nurturing the beauty and goodness within, which gave me a greater connection to the Source, Humanity, Earth and the Universe.  At the same time, I was beginning to study and use the 28 day calendar used in the beginning of time rather than use the Gregorian calendar incorporated by the Roman Catholic Church.   I included in my meditation the daily lessons, tools, gifts, values, and virtues, of the referred to spirits or guides, as they related to nature and everyday life.  I learned to embrace Self-Love, an unconditional love for humanity and an openness to connect to earth, the universe. I learned to empty my vessel and become a pure channel to source and the Breath & Light within me and all. Not only did I achieve a realization of Self, but I learned to use the same knowledge, as a connection to Humanity, by channeling my internal Breath and Light Energies or Threads outward. From here I learned to reach out, and connect to the many sacred places or points of spiritual and intellectual accomplishment and their relationship, or impact, on civilization and the Light Energies of earth itself.

In a nutshell, through Self-Discovery, I learned to respect and love self, humanity and the universe outside the norms of society by shedding those things that did not serve me. The cutting of the chords of personal bondage to experience freedom and understanding; to accept and tolerate all human beings regardless of race, color, sexuality, religions, customs, and belief systems; refrain from making judgments based on personal opinion or standards; use free will and make my own decisions without outside influence; to practice forgiveness for those who harmed me emotionally, physically, intellectually or spiritually; to name a few. The Universal Breath & Light, which resides within us all, is a Presence that allowed me to accept Self, and all Humanity, that I didn't find in a somewhat closed belief system.

I ask all of you, if you haven't already, to find this Breath & Light within you. A sense of completeness, to complement your existing faith, for those seeking a communal embrace, regardless of church, community or belief system, with their fellow man. It is also a method for those with no faith or belief in God but a belief in the goodness of man. All are welcomed!  It is a gift that our Creator provided us all with, at birth. The answers to the questions that we face in life are all within us. I am part of a "wave" not a religion; a belief system of inclusion and of personal development for the greater good. One that will give us the best chance to achieve global peace and unity as we live a life filled with unconditional love and forgiveness, and acceptance of all humanity as you learn and begin to love self and others.

Follow the Light that serves all. Picture yourself flying high above the ocean of life, you hunger for Universal peace and unconditional love; with your keen eyes, you scan the vast expanse of the sea; then you realize that there is no better fish to catch, than the universal fire that lies within us all. Embrace this thirst and hunger for peace, unconditional love, and unity. You are of a New World and Consciousness. It is time to listen to the words of the Universal Breath & Light within you. Accept all religions, their books, scriptures and texts as guides, not as absolute, but one with a common ground. Trust in you, and be the best person you can be. If each of us does our part to love self, then we can reach a collective understanding and a greater opportunity for global peace and the saving of our planet.

Although religions or belief systems, in general, speak these words, they are not framed in simple terms or practiced by the masses. Look outside the box of society, and go deep within you, to find harmony with Self, Humanity and the Universe. The answers are within you that reverberate Unconditional Love for all.

Freedom in Light is not a religion, but a wave, a belief system or a way to approach life through the discovery of Self.  It is a connection to Humanity, Earth and the Universe from a common Universal Breath & Light, or as we refer to sometimes as "the Universal Jesus, God, Source, or the Divine Mother within us all."  We are here to serve your needs and help you to connect to the Breath & Light within, through the use, tools, suggestions or guidance of the Daily Bread Guides, and your already learned experiences.  We will offer guided journeys or group trips to sacred sites to assist in, individual and collective, development of the everyday you. 

My personal place of worship is the entire Earth and the Universe where I can interact with all my brothers and sisters, their cultures and belief systems, without judgment.  I encourage each of you to find the spirituality that best serves you, as well as to discover and know the truth of the real you, as I did. 

We wish to connect with you all, not only through Self-Discovery, but through the music and performance of life.  We call to those, who are gifted in the arts, from any faith, religion or belief system, to form a company of artists and performers to travel with us to spread a simple and pure collective message of global peace, unconditional love and unity for ALL.   A communal embrace, where ALL ARE WELCOMED!