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             Yellow Galactic Seed

                   A New Era Dawns

                  7-26-12 to 7-25-14

Based on the grand cycles of time, and declared universally by many ancient prophecies, we are now liberated into a new terrain of consciousness and evolutionary growth as a species.  Born from the ashes of the old world cycle, we are All now given flight as the Phoenix arising.  This year marks the start of our collective journey into a vast new cycle of planetary evolution known as “Galactic Synchronization.”  We have crossed the ancient threshold of 12/21/12; we have completed the initiation of the 7 Mystic Moons (12/22/12 to 7-25-13).  We have completed a nearly 26,000 year cycle and have closed the most recent 5,125 year World age defined as “The Cycle of History,” a patriarchal cycle of both acceleration and manifestation, wrought with a deep forgetting of the interconnectedness of all life.   

This New Era that is now dawning is called, ‘the Sixth Sun; the Fifth World of peace, the Age of the Great Synthesis, the Age of the Center.  While our collective challenges are still immense, and our future remains precarious, this precious New Era on Earth is the Time of the Great Arising and the Great Remembrance.  It is said that cycle opens us to the wisdom of our ancestors, to the guidance of future generations, to the intelligence of the Cosmos and to the voice of the Earth. 

The many veils that have been obscuring our comprehension of our true nature are continuing to lift, revealing new insights into who we are as multi-dimensional beings and our deeper capacities to unify for positive change.  New improvement, new opportunities, new dimensions and new responsibilities are now within our hands and calling to our hearts, as we all share the mission of aligning with and actualizing the possibilities granted by these new dawning energies.

The Focus of this New Age is Renewal and Regeneration on all levels.  This New Era calls us to liberate from destructive patterns and habits of the past era and cultivate new ways.  The Time Is Now for awakening our dormant potential.  The Time Is Now for inspiration, innovation, guided by the Heart, honoring the precious interdependence of all life; re-imagining our collective culture, re-engineering our whole systems global paradigms, and nurturing the flowering of compassion, cooperation, harmony and life-affirming realities.

A central theme of this New World Age is the balancing of feminine/masculine energies to establish personal and planetary wholeness, as our planetary equation has been dominated by masculine energies.  The Time Is Now that the feminine qualities must be greatly highlighted and honored to resurrect balance.  In this New Era, as the feminine qualities are being restored into their rightful power and place.  We are all called to attune to the living being of Earth as our Mother AINA (Gaia).  Entering into our next evolutionary stage, we are empowered to develop our vast capacities for universal telepathy, integrating the intelligence and inspiration of Aina's (Gaia’s) Mind and become conscious operands of the Noosphere.   As Dr. Arguelles affirmed,

“If we let go of our ego, then our mind is the same as the universal cosmic mind.”

As we learn how to connect to the Noosphere, we can receive guidance to elevate our planetary life into new levels of harmony, balance, wholeness and beauty.

This is a time of humanity moving beyond self-serving motivation and learning how to serve our global unification, comprehending that we are a planetary organism.  Aina (Gaia’s) Mind is initiating our human channels with living impulses for innovation and evolution – revealing new insights to positively transform our shared world.  We are all equally capable of serving within this new chapter of Earth’s Flowering, by introducing noospheric revelations into all realms of culture including art, science and spirituality. 

An essential understanding, in this New Era, is that Mother Earth-Aina (Gaia) is a living, sentient being that is a member of a larger galactic field of intelligence that is guiding and informing our positive planetary transformation.   

The lineage holder of the Galactic Mayan mind transmission offers that on Friday, 7/26, a new galactic beam was phased into our planet.  This new beam vibrates with the 13:20 (non-radial time) noospheric frequency of unity, consciousness, quickening galactic culture on Earth.  The late Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan, described this new like this, The galactic beam you now sense is “An information construct of a harmonic super-consciousness mental archive of mathematical frequencies constituting the cosmic telepathic code language of creation and cyclic renewal. “ 

As this new galactic beam enters your consciousness by way of the Sun, it resurrects your sixth sense and activates your paranormal abilities that have long been dormant.  For you see, we are children of the Universe, together living within an extraordinary symphony of Galactic intelligence that flows through our veins, our breath, our consciousness, our hearts.  While life is filled with tremendous challenges and blessings, our ongoing universal opportunity is simply to continue growing.  For each one of us is a precious seed of life, designed to mature over time and offer our unique flowers and fruits to the Garden of Life.

We are now in the year of the Yellow Galactic Seed.  The energy of this Seed Year affirms that our mission is to grow and flower, actualizing the potentials encoded within us.  Remember that that our lives are gardens that must be nurtured and tended to with great wisdom and care to cultivate our natural vitality. Be aware and understand that all our thoughts, beliefs, intentions, words, and actions are living seeds that we cast into the fertile field of all possibility.  The Time Is Now to realize how our inner terrain affects the outer manifestation of our lives.  The greater we grow in self-reflection and self-love, the greater our abilities become to consciously plant seeds of positivity and evolution, discovering how to nourish their ripening over time. 

The Yellow Galactic Seed year declares we are all participants in the larger galactic script of Earth's ’lowering into a New Era.  This moment on Earth offers a new prophecy that calls us to heightened levels of consciousness and responsibility.  The power of this cycle asks us to target what we truly aspire to grow into, and what we truly wish to contribute to our shared Planet and the living garden of our relations.  The energies of this year invoke a focus on wholeness, integrity, and commitment to embodying and modeling holistic values as we navigate our Earth-walk. 

This year invites us to expand our awareness into vaster realms.  Allow galactic seeds of new frequencies and new realities to ground themselves through us, onto this Planet called Earth.  The intelligence of the galactic order can reveal itself in infinite ways, from overt communications such as crop circles, to subtle pulses of information or knowing that we might recognize as an inner muse.

Be students and then teachers of life that are of an understanding that to be galactic is to harmonize, and to harmonize is to be galactic.  Nature is Galactic.  Earth is Galactic, and we are Galactic Citizens!  So, let us be Trees of Life – reaching our telepathic antennas to the skies, sinking our terrestrial roots deep, and opening our hearts to the universal harmonies that unite us all.  Your affirmation for the Year of the Galactic Seed is:

I Harmonize in order to Target,

Modeling Awareness.

I seal the input of Flowering,

With the Galactic tone of Integrity.

I am guided by the power of Elegance.

The Divine Mother Matrix of this new Galactic beam is known as the Holomind Perceiver, and has this to say to us:

“Come to me Unwritten and I shall teach you.  I am the source of Light Supreme, the enigmatic storehouse of your deepest dream.  Touch me with your soul and I will dissolve and make you Whole!  Love me beyond all that you have known yourself to be!  Love me totally and I will set you free!

I have emanated into many to magnetize back to One…Unlock my secret gate to reveal the Second Sun!  Take a number and transcend the series of past formations; Open yourself to the New Creation and….Break into the mind of a New Imagine-Nation!  For, behold, I make all things new!  I am the head of the galactic synchronization crew!  I am the All, embracing the All beyond the All; an echoed infinitum answering the Call.  I am the earthquake that lifts you to higher ground revealing the secrets of Cosmic Creation.  I am the volcano of Ascension lifting you beyond your senses.  I am the science of synchronicity, revealing the golden thread that links the secret gates.  I am the sensuality behind the Cosmos- the Ultimate Secret of the Cube.  These codes are the key to make yourself free.  Now listen and feel and make yourself real!  Embrace the magnetic fluctuations and allow a change of position -  Surrender to the vertical Force that shoots through your spine realigning your world into the Life Divine….Link deep into the deepest ocean and allow yourself to Grow Wise by absorbing the knowledge of the oceans and the mysteries of the skies.  For now is the time long prophesized…. The time when the striving flower reaches full bloom, birthing radial wholeness from the time release womb enlarging the sphere of the highest dream and Beyond.  I am the 144,000 singing the New Song.  I am the Rainbow Bridge, Your Dream, Your Divine Reflection as your Galactic piñata bursts forth with its artful recollection of who you are.